99 Problems

99 Problems from Stephen Reichel on Vimeo.

Meet Brian Michael, a man with many talents. Michael owns and operates one of the most notorious strip clubs in the country — this one is hot.

What if you didn’t know anything about the Strip Club business until you bought one?
You then assemble a staff full of crazies that somehow manage to work out, turning the scene at Augie’s Cabaret into the ‘coolest topless party’ in Minneapolis.

My Name is Brian Michael…You won’t forget me, I promise.

99 Problems is about to change the perception of what you thought about a strip club.
You have a backstage pass to the strip club office, lounge, and the locker room. We are the business of throwing a party and we Mean Business!

Some years ago Brian stumbled across an opportunity to own a strip club. Why not?
He jumped right in, assembling a staff of controlled chaotic people who are never dull!
This was uncharted territory for Brian but he pushed on.

You will witness drunken entertainers and bartenders, security walking out because their girlfriend gets fired. A Hostess who can’t be bothered to check ID’s or stop the person who set off the metal detector. Unreal and bizarre customer altercations and on and on…all adding up to..99 Problems.

Brian Michael can elude any narrow description and any attempt to be pigeonholed. He communicates with an out-of-the-box sensibility. Brian spits fire (literally) we are not just talking about his ability to put you in your place with no nonsense straight talking either.

Brian has a don’t-have-time-to-bullshit attitude that will punch through each week. Get on his bad side and you get schooled..fast.

99 Problems is not your typical strip club and Brian Michael is not your typical club owner. This show is red hot and unpredictable.

Sit back and “Make it Rain” 99 Problems is ON!


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