Mara Reichel


Ten years ago, Steve and Mara Reichel set out to achieve a dream. Through years of hard work, they have created a process that drives creative ideas straight to the pitch table. When you work with this team, you’re working with professionals.

Both of these Developing Producers understand what it takes to be successful and are tireless in their efforts. They have worked on a wide variety of projects and know how to apply their skills in a rapidly changing industry.

Married for over 20 years, this team understands how to be successful together.  Mara Reichel has an impressive Research background both in Criminal Background Investigations and Development.  Mara brings an amazing wealth of knowledge into the company as Co-Development Writer and Producer.

steve r pic
Steve Reichel

Stephen Reichel started out as a Musician and working in various musical groups for years.  Inspired by the creative process, Steve has a keen understanding of what works. With years of sales, writing and negotiations experience, Steve is the perfect complement to Mara’s strengths.

Today this tandem is moving at the speed of light, finding characters, working with their Scouts, shooting footage and writing.  “You have to attack this every day as if it’s your last day on Earth” Steve stated in a recent interview, “The ideas popular today will not be tomorrow. You have to stay on the edge.”