Northern Minnesota man Steinarr owns and operates a crazy Viking Inn, and now he’s building a whole Viking commune in his small town! The locals are not happy…

Ten men and women along the Mississippi River in the rugged middle of Minnesota. Living off-grid, building shelter, boats, blacksmithing, hunting, brewing, working together and creating a new Viking society with everything at stake. Don’t come to play dress-up because you won’t last a day in THE HOUSE OF STEINARR.

Meet Steinarr

He is a modern-day Viking on a quest to build a self-sustaining village along Minnesota’s Mississippi river. They will live off-grid and without technology in a settlement that Steinarr is building from the ground-up. It is an intentional community formed on the Nine Noble Viking Virtues (page 6). He will live this way for the remainder of his life. Steinarr used to be Richard Schmidthuber, an elite scientist working for Amgen, the world’s biggest biotech firm. He built a $2M lab for himself without asking permission. He circumnavigated the globe twice. He can measure temperature to the 7000th of a degree and mass to the one part per million of weight.

But Richard worried about technology taking over society and became tired of the back-stabbing and turf-protecting at work. So he quit his job, moved home to Minnesota, bought a gothic church and converted it into a Viking-themed B&B, pub, and dinner theater (all-in-one). But Steinarr doesn’t exist to entertain tourists. He is a Viking. He will soon leave the modern world once and-for-all and take with him a seed group of 9 other brave souls intent on assembling a real, self-sustaining Viking Village. It is possible they will die trying.