“It’s Not Personal Honey, it’s just Drag”

We go deep inside the world of drag and the performers that make Minneapolis hot spot the Gay 90s famous. You won’t believe your eyes!

Minneapolis Minnesota, besides cold and Snow has the 3rd largest GLBT population in America and one of the most well known Gay Bars in the world; The Gay 90s. For 40 years the Gay 90’s has been hosting on one of the most popular Drag shows in the world. We want to go deep inside this world…from the performers and bar staff points of view both on and off stage.

Meet Jamie Olson AKA Nina DiAngelo, Nina has been hosting the show for 16 years and is one of the best-known performers in the country. We will follow Nina as she maneuvers through a battle field of drama with the other queens and her own life. Nina is driven to be bigger and better in the spotlight and is not always in “Favor” with the other performers. We will meet some wild characters as we explore the Club and make our way upstairs to the big stage where all the drag goes down.

Like the “House Wives” format we will see the performers work together, go out together and try to just deal with each other. This cast has been together for over 16 years so the emotions are REAL with them…They have a history.

But now there is a new twist…

The Club owner has threatened to shake up the drag show by bringing in new talent if the performers don’t find ways to improve their current show. Nina and the other girls are faced with a new reality…The performers must stick together if they want to maintain their jobs but as far as we can see…that’s pretty much impossible. Nina is now in the uncomfortable position of doing the owners bidding and keeping the show and the other performers together, who is on who’s side? What happens along the way will only be “Fierce”.

Reigning Queens is a perfect fit for Logo and a fantastic compliment show for “Drag Race”. The passion the GLBT community has for its Drag Stars is unmatched anywhere else. Reigning Queens is groundbreaking TV that will quickly influence legions of fans. We will see inside the hearts and souls of these amazing performers as they continue to perfect their craft and live their lives…Or kill each other tryin!

“It’s Reigning Queens Baby…Time to take it to the stage”