BBC Reality TV sensations The Wakefields are coming to America, and we ain’t ready! Watch as this wild Manchester family explores America their way.

Who’s that? It’s The Wakefields!

To describe The Wakefields! Is a difficult task because it’s a fast-moving target always changing. The Wakefields! Is a show about Karen Wakefield, her business Whishy Washys and her family of 3 very memorable and talented personalities; Karen (47) Paul (48) Amber (19) and Madison (12).. Poor Paul, he’s out numbered!

…Also 2 Boxers, 2 Birds and a Poltergeist name Malcolm. Yep, I repeat, a real Poltergeist name Malcolm… every family member has stories of Malcolm. Could he drop in while the cameras are rolling?

Maybe you recognize the name? This family appeared on the hit Reality show “People Like Us” and developed a very large fan base almost overnight. The Fans have spoken and now we want to bring you more of them.

We are bringing The Wakefields to America!

Each week you the viewers will send the Wakefields on a new Adventure in America.
We will watch the Wakefields as they INVADE America! When you watch The Wakefields you will be struck by how unpredictable and crazy they can be one moment then amazingly relatable the next.

“I am very opinionated, when I said my 5-year-old Daughter could run the country better than the Prime Minister, I was invited to 10 Downing Street to sit with him for 2 hours, I don’t think he will ever be the same” – Karen Wakefield

This is a show about a wild and crazy family that sticks together no matter what. They will be challenged every day as they try to fit in with the Americans they meet along the way. The real story is the Americans will have to fit in with the Wakefields!

It’s Raw, it’s Real, it’s … The Wakefields!

Say it with me….