Cee-Cee Russell has been a professional drag superstar for years. Her impressions are known worldwide. Now she plans big, over-the-top gay weddings, where she’s also the minister.

Extreme Makeover meets Wedding Planner

Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota has the 3rd highest population of GLBT people in the Nation. Now that Gay Marriage has become legal in Minnesota, the demand for  Wedding planning services has exploded.

Meet Drag Queen Diva and Owner of Q Celebrations; Cee Cee Russell. Cee-Cee lends his brash, yet fabulous style to couples nuptials in only the way Cee Cee can do it.  Armed with a team including a full Glam Squad, Event Designer, Florist and Photographer, Cee Cee has created the Perfect Storm of professionals for his exploding Wedding business.

But this isn’t your normal Wedding Planner Reality Show…

From a Haunted Mansion with guests joining in as their favorite horror characters on a Red Carpet  Event with paparazzi and tabloids, not to exclude the more adult themes including a Leather Master Wedding or an ExDragvaganza where gender-bending reigns queen!  All the way to the Love Uncovered Wedding (Full Monty) where the best man is no secret!

Each week we will watch as Cee Cee meets and plans over the top wedding events with happy same sex couples many who are shall we say..”Difficult”. Cee Cee and her team are asked to pull off the impossible when it comes to outrageous wedding themes. We will bear witness to the drama as the crew fight to get everything “Just Right”. Cee Cee does not discriminate, she also takes on straight couples as well…what will the Relatives say? This show has everything, Comedy, Drama, Emotions and most of all Joy.

Wedding Wows is unlike anything you have ever seen before…