One man has spent decades traveling the world recovering and restoring World War II era aircraft. Now he’s cashing in on the biggest recovery season yet!

Wreck Chaser is a show about the Amazing and Dangerous life of Mike Rawson. Mike is a Master Aircraft Restorer and WWII Air Battle Expert who has dedicated his life to finding, recovering and restoring WWII era Aircraft all over the world.

Each week Mike and his team set out to investigate possible WWII era crash sites in some of the toughest and most unfriendly locations imaginable. Mike and his team have to move fast to recover these planes so he can satisfy his Clients demands. If he makes a mistake in the recovery someone will get hurt or worse, there can be no mistakes ever!

“I recover Planes from the bottom of Lakes and Tops of Mountains. It’s very dangerous but the payoff is Massive” – Mike Rawson.

Mike started restoring WWII aircraft in 1976 and has traveled the world locating, recovering and restoring WWII Air Planes for Private Collectors, Museums as well as the U.S. Air Force. Mike is well known for his gorilla style tactics to recover lost aircraft anywhere in the world. Each week Mike’s team races to recover and restore these Planes from rusted, burnt out hulls to working (or static) transformations all the while battling time restraints, weather and those who would try to stop him.

Wreck Chasers will make sure the viewer goes on a thrill ride each week as they experience risky locations, impossible time frames and the unexpected, all making for a very strong Docu-Drama format. The danger is big but the payoff is Bigger!

Each episode will also include a detailed history lesson from Mike as he strains to recover these Aircraft. We will come to understand what each plane was, how it was used in battle as who flew them.

Wreck Chasers is a show with guts and determination that, in the end, is dedicated to all people now and for generations to come.


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